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The Tennessee Campers on Mission Page


Bylaws Of Tennessee Chapter Of Campers On Mission, Inc.

Revised: April, 2022

Article I


The name of the organization shall be the Tennessee Chapter of Campers On Mission, Inc., hereafter called C.O.M.

Article II



Article III


Membership is open to Christian campers of all denominations who desire to join other campers in fellowship and service.
Membership requires an approved application.

Article IV


Section 1 1    No dues for membership shall be required of any member.

Section 2 Funds to operate C.O.M. shall be obtained from an offering taken at each state rally;  gifts; and, from fund raising efforts as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board and approved by the general membership.

Article V


Section 1 C.O.M. is a statewide organization with officers and committees as defined in ARTICLES VI through XI. C.O.M., is a chapter of the national C.O.M. organization.

Section 2 The State of Tennessee is normally divided into three geographic regions called the "Three Grand Divisions", therefore COM is organized into three regions.

Article VI


Section 1 The officers shall be: a President, a 1st Vice President, a 2nd Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Chaplain.

Section 2 Eligibility. The officers shall be a member in good standing of a Christian bible teaching Church. 

Section 3 Nomination. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate designating one nominee for each office to be filled by election at the business meeting prescribed in Article XII. Additional candidates, who have previously concented, may be placed in nomination from the floor of that meeting. No seconds are required for any nomination.

Section 4 Election. Officers shall be elected for two-year terms at the Spring meeting in even-numbered years. Election shall be by ballot, except where there is but one nominee for each office, then election shall be by voice vote. The elected officers shall assume the duties of the office following their election after the last activity at the Spring Meeting.

Article VII


Section 1 The officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these Bylaws.

Section 2 The President shall be the Executive Officer of C.O.M. and preside at all state meetings, state rallies, all meetings of the Executive Board, and shall be a member ex-officio of all committees. He shall enforce the Bylaws, appoint all committees and Regional Coordinators, and have such other powers and duties as normally pertain to the principal executive officer.

Section 3 The 1st Vice President shall serve in the absence of the President. He shall attend all state meetings and Executive Board meetings. In addition, he shall plan all programs and entertainment at the regular scheduled meetings and ensure the preparation of an annual budget, in coordination with the President, other state officers and Regional Coordinators, to be approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 4 The 2nd Vice President shall perform the duties of the 1st Vice President in his absence. In addition, he shall maintain accountability of all C.O.M. property not held by the Treasurer or Hospitality or Sales Committee. He shall monitor the condition of such property and shall recommend to the Executive Board when repair and/or replacement is required. At the end of each Rally, he shall give this property to the Regional Coordinator where the next Rally shall be held as the President shall require, and he shall deliver to his successor a complete inventory of all C.O.M property in his custody.

Section 5 The Secretary/Treasurer shall --
a. Ensure that all notices of meetings are sent to members. Maintain a record of all meetings in the Minutes Book for corporate requirements; a record of attendance at each meeting, for historical purposes; a file of all official C.O.M. correspondence; and a current list of all names, addresses, and phone numbers of all members of C.O.M.
b. Maintain the financial records of the C.O.M., receive all contributions, and deposit contributions in a federally chartered bank in the legal name of C.O.M. Ensure that the President of C.O.M. signs the bank signature card in order that there will always be two (2) officers' signatures on the C.O.M. bank account. Maintain an accurate account of all receipts and expendatures of C.O.M. Canceled checks shall be maintained for five years.
c. Ensure that all bills authorized by C.O.M. are promptly paid. Prepare and present a complete financial report at each business meeting.

Section 6 The Chaplain shall be responsible for all religious activities of C.O.M. as approved by the President of the Executive Board to include church services, Bible studies, devotional services, and other ministry related activities. The Chaplain shall recommend to the Executive Board the appointment of a Co-Chaplain from each region to assist in conducting the religious activities of C.O.M. The Co-Chaplains will be responsible for setting up devotions for C.O.M. work weeks, searching out areas of evangelism, and will be the area Prayer Leaders (notifying area members of prayer needs, etc.). Co-Chaplains will assist the State Chaplain as needed. The Co-Chaplains will fill in as Chaplain when called on.

Article VIII


Section 1 The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers and the Regional Coordinators. The Consultant for Resort Ministries, Tennessee Baptist Convention shall be an ex-officio member. The President may ask any Special Ministry Coordinator(s) to attend the Executive Board meetings. Special Ministry Coordinator(s) will not have voting pivileges. This board will determine the operating policies of C.O.M. and may establish and special ministries, as deemed necessary. All operating policies and special ministries shall be reviewed and re-confirmed with the election of each new President.

Section 2 Executive Board meetings are called or scheduled by the President. Any member of C.O.M. may attend any open meeting of the Executive Board, as a non-voting attendee. Spouses of Board members are encouraged to attend any open meeting as non-voting attendees.

Article IX


Section 1 Standing Committees shall be as follows:
1. Ethics and Grievances
2. Historical
3. Hospitality
4. Nominating
5. Parking
6. Publicity
7. Registration
8. Sales

These committees, as well as any other committees that may be deemed necessary from time to time, shall be apointed by the President. The committee chairman may be apointed by the President or elected by the committee members, if not appointed. Spouses of all committee members are encouraged to lend able assistance and attend all meetings; However, there will be one vote limit per member family.

Section 2 Standing Committees' general duties:

Ethics and Grievances: Investigate all complaints by members concerning the violation of the Bylaws, or for any misconduct at any meeting or activity/meeting of C.O.M.

Historical: Compile and be custodian of the scrapbook of C.O.M. activities.

Hospitality: Greet visitors and new members and ensure that they are welcomed. Be in charge of the kitchen and responsible for the refreshments at meetings.

Nominating: The President shall appoint a three (3) member committee who shall, after obtaining prior consent of each proposed nominee, place in nomination one (1) candidate for each office to be filled by election at the C.O.M. business meeting.

Parking: Plan for and direct parking at all meetings.

Publicity: Responsible for a bulletin board(s) to be prominently displayed, noting all meetings and providing local newspaper/media and the Tennessee Baptist and Reflector with coverage of all meetings and news items concerning C.O.M.

Registration: Responsible for establishing, setting up and maintaining registration at each meeting.

Sales: Responsible, in coordination with the 2nd Vice President, to order, maintain and sell C.O.M. items (name plates, decals, emblems, etc.) at state meetings. Maintain a record of all items ordered, on-hand and sold, together with collected funds. This record shall be submitted to the state Secretary/Treasurer at the end of each state C.O.M. meeting.

Article X`


Section 1 The President may recommend to the Executive Committee such Special Activities Ministry as may be necessary to carry out special ministry of the state organization, and appoint a Special Ministries Coordinator to head the the established special ministries.
Section 2 The Executive Committee reserves the right to cancel any special ministry activity should it cease or fail to fulfill its responsibility.
Section 3 Special Ministry groups or activities may be organized at the discretion of the Executive Board to ensure proper guidance and objectives of the C.O.M. organization.

Article XI


Section 1 Organization:
a. Each established region shall be led by a Regional Coordinator, who is appointed by the President and serves for a term which is coterminous to that of the appointing Presdent. The Regional Coordinator shall direct the activities of the region and normally preside at all regular functions or meetings of the region.
b. The Regional Coordinator shall appoint such officers within the region as may be necessary to carry out the activities within the region.
c. The Regional Coordinator shall advise and report on the results of the Regional C.O.M. activities to the State President and Secretary.
d. The Regional Coordinator may establish, as necessary, regional special ministry activities to promulgate the activities of the region or support state-wide activities and appoint a Regional Special Ministry Coordinator for each organized special ministry. The Regional Special Ministry Coordinator shall direct the efforts of the special ministry activity, establish and appoint any becessary leadership positions, and keep the Regional Coordinator informed of all special ministry activities.
e. The Regional Coordinator will arrange for all worship services, speakers, special music and singers as may be necessary for regional meetings.
Section 2 Regional Special Ministry Activities:
a. Each region is encouraged to establish a special campground ministry activity to minister campgrounds within the region.
b. Each region is encouraged to establish a special prayer network ministry activity to establish a functional prayer chain to pray for the work of C.O.M. and its members.
c. Each region will establish a Special Christian Ministry activity to primarily assist Churches and Baptist Encampments within the region.
Section 3 Campers on Mission Activity:
a. The Regional C.O.M. Coordinator will be responsible to -
1. Locate and investigate worthy ministry building projects and requests.
2. Inform individual/organization requesting building assistance, that C.O.M. will not pay for any materials, special tools, or special equipment.
3. Arrange for logistical support to include parking/camping facilities and meals at any agreed upon work project site.
4. In coordination with the individual organization requesting building assistance, plan for the work, activities and organization of C.O.M. members.
Section 4 When engaged in regional activities, each C.O.M. member will be responsible for his/her own travel, food, and other personal expenses, unless provided by the support organization.

Article XII


Section 1 Parlementary procedures for all meetings of C.O.M. shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised when they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistant with these Bylaws and any special rules of order that the C.O.M. may adopt.
Section 2 The order of business shall be:
1. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
2. Treasurer's report
3. Reading of correspondence
4. Reports of the regional coordinators
5. Unfinished business
6. New business
7. Announcements
8. Adjournment
Section 3 Business meetings of the state organization shall normally be held at the semi-annual state C.O.M. Rally.

Article XIII


Section 1 The President shall serve as messenger to all national meetings. He may appoint a messenger in his place in he cannot attend. All members are encouraged to attend national meetings.
Section 2 C.O.M. will accept the responsibility for financial assistance for the messenger sent to a National C.O.M. meeting by paying campground fees and meeting dues (up to $100.00) and reimbursement of the direct travel milage, as permitted by the IRS for charitable related travel.

Article XIV


Section 1 All members shall abide by the following code of ethics:
1. Be mindful of our responsibility to God for our actions in the campground.
2. Live and act in the campground in such a manner that reflects Jesus in our lives.
3. Maintain our campsite/parking area in a proper manner, and leave it clean.
4. Abide by park rules at all times.
5. Assist other campers when the opportunity presents itself.

Article XV


Section 1 The Bylaws may be amended as requires by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the menbers present at a business meeting of C.O.M..
Section 2 Such ammendments shall become effective upon adoption.