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The Tennessee Campers on Mission Project Information Page

All Area Members of TNCOM the Millington Tennessee Boys Ranch Fall 2015:

The WEST-TNCOM coordinators team shares this information as is presently available concerning the upcoming rally Sept. 25th and 25th, and the work week of Sept. 25th thru OCT. 2nd. on project activity.

This information is to help our members decide the kind and type of work tools they may need to bring with them for the work week event. However, the West TN COM tool trailer will also be available and hopefully will have the type of tool you may not have.

Work Projects are:

    Dead tree and stump removal, also trimming.

    Electrical needs repairs to the light switches, wall plugs, and safety checks in two residential buildings.

    Electrical breaker panel repair in ome residence and shop area.

    Electrical lights repaired on the ranch service trailer.

    Ranch fencing repairs and fenced area constructed for small livestock.

    Painting is needed for interior doors and trim for the manager residence and another residence.

    Carport painting in both of the above areas.

    Painting some of the areas in the horse barn.

    Landscaping is needed on all flower beds and some upkeep on the general lawn areas.

    Carpentry is needed to enlarge a rear deck and to make rear porch repairs alond with some replacement.

    French doors at some residences

    Possibly build a chicken coup.

Hopefully the leadership team will be sending information on rally and the West area coordination team more information about the work week when it is available.