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The Tennessee Campers on Mission Project Information Page

Spring Rally at Linden Valley (April 20-22) and Following Work Week (April 23 - 27)

Tennessee Campers On Mission assembled at Linden Valley Conference Center for 
their Spring Rally and work week on April 20 through 27, 2018.  Most pulled
campers, but some stayed in the lodge.

At the rally. new officers were installed, and old officers thanked for their 
service.  Members of your church participated in the rally and work week.

During the work week, there was three meals served by the camp staff for a love 
offering, and the devotional was held at the noon meal.  The camp staff 
assisted in reorganizing the work when weather caused a change in plans.  They 
also were the people that prepared the rooms for painting, and getting our material 
to the work sites.  This is a great site to serve as a volunteer.

The following work was completed except where noted:

    Replaced and repaired the brackets in the dining hall ceiling.

    Built a Kayak trailer lean-to for winter storage.

    Cleaned up the flower beds around the conference center and worship center.

    Put metal roof on back side of the camp maintenance shop (will finish the 
    front in another visit).

    Started rebuilding the gate closing system (replace activator, weld new 
    attachment points, and replace the control circuitry).  Job needs wire that 
    was not supplied, so a team will return next week to complete the job.

    Pressure wash the old tabernacle floor, the picnic pavilion at end of 
    boardwalk, and the concrete in front of the conference center.

    Clean the bugs from the inside lights in the conference center.

    Refinish the rocking chairs at the conference center.

    Paint the black pipe behind the stage in the worship center.

    Finish reworking the exterior trash containers.

    Fixed a number of toilets and showers in the cabins.

    Switch the shower water (hot to cold and cold to hot) in blue bird cabin.  
    They were backward.

    Repaired five toilets in Buffalo dormitory

    Repaired four toilets in Deer dormitory

    Repaired two toilets in the facilities behind the small cabins

    Replaced the failed shower in the portable shower trailer

    Replaced the shower head in the portable shower trailer

    Repaired the toilet in the tiny quarters behind dining hall

    Repaired four toilets in Blue Bird Dormitory

    Repaired four Showers in Blue Bird Dormitory

    Replaced the underground valve that was leaking at the pool

    Repaired the tank fittings in the portable water tank

    Repaired the toilet stall door in Buffalo dormitory

    Repaired the toilet stall door in Deer dormitory

    Clean the vents in Mocking Bird dormitory

    Replace the broken ceiling tiles in Mocking Bird dormitory

    Repair the step  rails at Whooper-Will dormitory

    Cleaned and reorganized the maintenance facility (this is an ongoing 

There was a total of 48 individuals at the rally and 43 stayed for the work 
week, donating a total of 1250 hours to the camp.

Winter Work at Linden Valley (Feb 13 - 17).

Tennessee Campers on Mission went to Linden Valley Conference Center on their annual work week. For this week, we did not pull campers, but were the guests of the camp. We had 31 individuals present to work. Not all were able to stay the whole week, but most did. This is a work week only and the following was accomplished.

The cloth chair seat and backs were cleaned, dried and replaced in the Conference Center meeting rooms.

The old activities building is scheduled for demolition and any demolition done before bringing a contractor on-board for the metal part can save the camp money. Almost all of the interior including the balcony and office space has been removed and delivered to the dump.

A number of the second floor Conference Center hotel rooms were repainted and drywall repairs accomplished.

The boardwalk lights were repaired and painted.

The Pavilion lights and electrical outlets are now functioning.

Two of the larger cabins had ceiling damage from water intrusion. These are now repaired and resurfaced.

A large number of minor plumbing problems were repaired, as well as replacing the damaged water valve feeding the swimming pool.

The exterior garbage holders were disassembled and rebuilt.

Some of the exterior street lights were repaired.

A very large tree and a number of smaller ones were removed to prevent a danger to the guests.

A number of the television feeds in the worship center were tested and repaired. We did find one that required warantee service.

The camp main gear was examined and information is being used to order repair parts for it. This will be completed in the April work week.

Some of the roads were manually cleaned and are now about two more feet in width. Rocks, grass and leaves were removed from the existing pavement.

A total on 874.25 hours were donated to the camp.

In attendance were:
Larry Brown
Susan Brown
Raymond Burton
Joe Carter
Charlene Carter
Gill Chard
Doyle Combs
Pam Combs
Dennis Hayes
Gene Haynes
Billie Haynes
Phil Hill
Sherry Hill
Ken Lewis
Rick Lott
Pat Malone
Schari Malone
Bobby Naylor
Tina Naylor
Russ Powell
Phyllis Powell
Julie Powell
Mike Semich
Bob Shirey
Nancy Shirey
Britt Woodward

Jerry Andrews
Gloria Andrews
Sonny Beasley
Katrina Skerritt