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The Tennessee Campers on Mission Project Information Page

Here is the work week list for the 2019 year at Linden Valley

Please send out a request for the winter work Feb 10-15th. Contact Joe Carter if you can attend

#1 priority is the Welcome Center. However, depending on weather, I know that working on it may not be possible. We may have a crew coming in to work on some framing before you guys get here. If not, then weather permitting there’s framing to do. Otherwise, there is a running list below that has some of the projects that we currently have. Not all can be done if weather does not permit. I hope to have an all-inclusive, more specific/prioritized list by the end of the week.

Thank you for everything you do!

To-Do List

Redo flooring in bathrooms in Deer and Buffalo

Fix broken sections of stalls in Deer and Buffalo Cabins

Re-paint lockers and trim in Deer and Buffalo

Replace missing numbers on insides of rooms in Deer and Buffalo

Make Library sitting area in common area of Conference Centers (remove old phones to make bookshelves)

Paint doors in front of Dining Hall

Touch up paint in several small meeting rooms in Conference Center

Touch up paint in Worship Center

Replace Tiles in the small hallway room in Conference Center

Paint Owl Classrooms

Replace corner covers in bathrooms in Mockingbird

Replace ceiling tiles in Mockingbird

Fix drywall in several locations

Bluebird behind doors

Conference Center

Deer/Buffalo Ceilings

Re-stain all wooden surfaces


All porches

All picnic tables

Pressure wash and paint outside of Deer and Buffalo

Clean out flower beds

Power wash sidewalks at Conference Center

Re-do storm drain under sidewalk at Conference Center

Repair (sure-up) all tables in the Dining Hall

Replace broken window on front door of Bluebird

Fix stall lock in Worship Center Bathroom

Put up additional soap dispensers in Worship Center Bathrooms

Repair handrail to bridge at Deer

Fix leaking gutter on porch of Conference Center

Jack up and repair floor under Owl

Jack up and repair floor under Whippoorwill

Repair Bluebird porch (replace some boards)

Build some corn hole boards

More to come!!

Cole Campbell
Manager | Linden Valley Baptist Conference Center
931.589.2622 (Office) | 931.306.3266 (Cell)
1225 Baptist Camp Road, Linden, TN 37096