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The Tennessee Campers on Mission Page

June 09, 2022

Campers On Mission Work Week – Harrison Chilhowee Academy (TKA)

During the week of May 30 – June 3, 2022, 13 members of Tennessee Campers on Mission plus 2 visitors, conducted a work week at The Kings Academy (TKA) in Seymour, TN.  This group worked 510 hours during a very warm week completing many different jobs to help this K – 12 Christian school.

Following are the jobs completed:

1.  Paint tile walls in bathrooms at the entry of Woody Auditorium

2.  Paint entry area walls, doors, and trim in Woody Auditorium

3.  Paint half-wall around sound booth in Woody Auditorium

4.  Paint front wall around stage area of Woody Auditorium

5.  Install 2-75” TV monitors on front walls of Woody Auditorium

6.  Remove old tile and install floating floor at exit to playground in Ogle Building

7.  Remove and repair flooring in lower level men’s bathroom in Ogle Building

8.  Replace damaged ceiling tile in 5 classrooms in Ogle Building

9.  Cut new doorway into block wall of dressing room at swimming pool

10.  Install new partition to divide present women’s dressing room at swimming pool

11.  Relocate light in swimming pool dressing room

12.  Repair air leaks around window cooling units in Admin building

13.  Replace damaged ceiling tile in classroom in Tibbets Building

14.  Trim shrubs and trees all around campus grounds and remove trimmings

15.  Repair fence around softball field

16.  Replace exhaust fan in Ashe Cafeteria kitchen
On Thursday afternoon a windstorm event toppled several trees around the TKA campus.  On Friday, the final work day, eleven TNCOM members cut and removed brush from four downed trees and stacked firewood from same trees.

Ed Sandidge