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The Tennessee Campers on Mission Project Information Page

Spring Rally at Linden Valley (April 20-22) and Following Work Week (April 23 - 27)

We are having a work week at The Kings Academy July 23 - 27.  

Many of you have worked here before and know the wonderful programs this school provides.  

Jobs for this week include installing tile on classroom floors, painting, and some unspecified outdoor jobs.

The Staff at TKA will provide 3-meals each day Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday.  
Only breakfast and lunch on Thursday and Friday.

TKA has 10 mostly shaded campsites with full hookups. If we require additional parking, 
I understand there are a few other places where we can locate electric service. 
If you can help during this work week, please drop me an email with the following 
information that will help us get setup.


I hope to see many of you at TKA in late July. Let me hear from you before July 10, PLEASE.

Ed Sandidge