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The Tennessee Campers on Mission Project Information Page

2016 FALL RALLY—September 30-October 2
Followed by WORK WEEK—October 3-7
Brentwood Childrens' Home, Brentwood, TN

Mark your calendar. Look for information later from Doyle and Pam Combs, our new Middle Tennessee Regional Coordinators or Gene and Billie Haynes, President/Secretary. Details and Work List will follow. Watch for documents on our computer web site. Get in the habit of reading emails and looking for NEED-TO-KNOW INFORMATION. Ask for help if you're having trouble finding documents.

When you are asked to pre-register with information, please respond as quickly as possible. The leaders can only function as you want them to with your help. There is a need to know if you are coming, arrival and departure dates/times. size of camper, special electrical needs. Its like putting a puzzle together and your piece is missing if you fail to communicate your plans/needs to our coordinators.